Where could you be in 5 years?

Learn a little more about some of our colleagues and on what they have achieved in the last five years with KPMG:

Brian, Partner, FS Tax
Laura, Associate Director, Risk
Rio, Director, FS Audit

Brian, Partner, FS Tax

In the last five years I’ve been promoted from Director to Partner within our Tax practice, having originally joined as an experienced Senior a number of years prior to this.

KPMG is unreservedly the number one tax practice in the country and all graduates interested in a career in tax want to work for the number one firm. For example, our people are consistently placed each year in the Irish taxation institute tax exams. We have an excellent training programme in place for graduates which is important for ambitious graduates seeking to pursue a successful career in tax.

There are a number of reasons why I enjoy working for KPMG. One that particularly stands out for me though is the incredible and diverse portfolio of clients that I work on. You never know what transaction is coming around the corner or what part of the globe a client wants you to travel to which certainly makes the job very exciting. We strongly encourage our people to get out and meet with clients as regularly as possible which allows you to build strong working relationships with our clients.

One of the most interesting projects I worked on over the last 2-3 years was advising a large multinational client on a significant acquisition. The transaction involved the acquisition of a competitor who had operations in approximately 20 different territories. This was a very complex transaction which took several months to complete but was a fascinating transaction to be involved in. The transaction also required competition authority approval in numerous territories and it was very interesting to understand how the approval process operates in practice in such large transactions.

One work life balance aspect that I enjoy outside of work is sport. I am a passionate Mayo supporter and find the GAA a very healthy distraction from the busy schedule at work.

Laura, Director, Risk

In the last five years I qualified as a Chartered Accountant specialising in Audit, was promoted to Manager two years upon qualifying and in 2015 I was promoted to Associate Director within our Risk Consulting practice. Most recently, I was promoted to Director in May 2017.

In my opinion KPMG Risk Consulting is the go-to professional risk consulting advisor in the financial services space especially in banking and insurance. KPMG are ahead of the curve in terms of developing regulation, market trends, and industry best practice. KPMG Risk Consulting ensure combine our technical risk, assurance and regulatory knowledge to manage entire projects from planning through to implementation.

I have been involved in a range of interesting and dynamic projects during my time with KPMG, including a number of risk and regulatory projects with a large pillar bank. This has provided me with insight in to the dynamic and changing environment in the banking industry as they return to business as usual. This in turn has provided insight in to the heightened expectations of the regulator.

I enjoy working for KPMG as I work with great people. Over the last number of years I have continued to learn new things on a daily basis from my managers and peers, I get to work on a vast variety of projects in a number of different industries, I get to work with great clients, the career path is transparent, I am given the opportunity to attend numerous training courses to further develop my skills and technical knowledge.

In my spare time I enjoy eating out, trying new restaurants in Dublin and finding new places for weekend brunch!

Rio, Director, FS Audit

I joined KPMG in 2006 and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2010. Over the last five years I have progressed from Manager to Associate Director and most recently I have become a Director within our FS Audit practice.

In 2010 I travelled on a global mobility assignment to work in our Perth office. During my time there I was involved in the IPO of a client on the Hong Kong stock exchange. This IPO was widely covered in the news, recognising that the contribution you make has an impact on the business world. There are the obvious benefits of experiencing a different culture and getting to see a new country. As this was a significantly smaller office than Dublin, there was constant interaction with senior management improving my management and leadership skills.

In my opinion, what makes KPMG stand out from our competitors comes down to the fact that KPMG enables working with top level clients operating in both the Irish and international market place, giving you access to some of the most senior people in these businesses. In addition to this, we have an excellent business school who provide superior training and resources to all staff members. There is also great support from senior management within KPMG which assists your confidence in dealing with clients.

In my spare time I enjoy running and tennis and play on one of many KPMG tag rugby teams.

Frank, Director, Corporate Finance
Saoirse, Manager, Consulting
Anne, Officer, FS Tax

Frank, Director, Corporate Finance

In the last five years I joined KPMG as an experienced hire and have since been promoted to Director within Corporate Finance.

One of the most interesting projects I’ve worked on was as core and lead team member for a number of high profile loan portfolio sales processes. The process had little precedent and required bespoke preparation and planning. Ultimately, the project proved to be successful and delivered an excellent outcome. More recently I have focused on traditional M&A mandates.

For me the decision to join KPMG was easy, as it operates the largest dedicated Corporate Finance team in the Irish market, allowing for a much greater depth of specialism across multiple disciplines. This depth allows us to provide a quality of service that genuinely differentiates us from the broader advisory market.

I enjoy working here because KPMG offers fantastic support, both formal and informal. The in-house business school provides an extremely wide range of tailored programmes, allowing staff at all grades to target development points most relevant to them. Additionally, there is a very strong informal emphasis on personal development and CSR participation.

In my spare time I enjoy cycling.

Saoirse, Manager, Consulting

In the last five years, I joined KPMG as an Audit trainee. When I qualified as a chartered accountant, I had the opportunity to transfer to our Management Consulting practice, where I am part of the Transformation team. I’ve recently been promoted to Manager within this group.

One of the most interesting projects I have worked on in KPMG is my current project. The project is part of the Digitalisation Programme of a major Irish bank. Digitalisation is a key initiative in the banking sector so it is great experience to be involved.

The project is focused on improving a specific customer journey. We are leveraging new technology to deliver an improved process that places the customer at the heart of the journey. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different areas and teams across the bank. It’s great to play a key role in the improvement of a fundamental service offering that will impact so many people.

I really enjoy working in KPMG Management Consulting – being part of Ireland’s largest Advisory practice presents me with so many opportunities, not least to progress my career. With so many interesting work assignments to offer, and a very supportive team environment, there is plenty of opportunities to develop my skillset and gain experience in different market sectors. The focus on people and collaboration is a great bonus.

It’s not all work though – in my spare time I enjoy yoga and tennis!

Anne, Officer, FS Tax

I joined KPMG nearly nine years ago as a secretary/personal assistant to a partner in Tax. I went on to become a team leader for the professional support group in the FS Tax department. Just over two years ago, an opportunity came up to apply for a different position within the tax function and after being successful in my application I now work as a Tax Risk Management Compliance Officer in our Financial Services Tax department. It’s a challenging and interesting role and I get to work on various ongoing projects with a great team.

Working in KPMG has given me the opportunity to work with so many interesting people who I have learned so much from. There is a great support network in KPMG and no matter what project I am working on I get a chance to work with dynamic teams across various departments. What has been a key motivator for me is the encouragement I have always received to seek out new challenges and opportunities within the firm. It has been very rewarding to work on projects both as a personal assistant and in my current role.

Outside of work I enjoy keeping fit and attending classes such as yoga and pilates. I also love to travel and plan holidays and weekends away. I also like to spend weekends walking, hiking or running. KPMG also organise great events at department level and firm-wide level which I enjoy getting involved in.

Stephen, Director, Tax
Claire, Manager, Audit