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Why choose KPMG?

Because you can grow faster, achieve more, go places and meet bright people.

Exam Success

The success of our training investment can be seen in the results achieved in the professional exams.  Our overall exam success rate is significantly higher than the national average as outlined below:

  • CAP 1 – the KPMG pass rate is 6% above the national average pass rate
  • CAP 2 – the KPMG pass rate is 14% above the national average pass rate
  • FAE – the KPMG pass rate is 13% above the national average pass rate
  • KPMG had 50% of the FAE prize winners over the past 2 years
  • KPMG has an 89% pass rate in all tax exams in 2018
  • KPMG was awarded 33% of the top 10 placings in the 2017 accountancy exams

You’ll have the support you need

Success can only come from investing in developing the skills, knowledge and capabilities of our people. So you can count on appropriate support to help keep you challenged and inspired. The KPMG Business School, Exam Support team, your mentor, your performance manager and many more people will support you along the way.

We’ll help you realise your ambitions

Perhaps you want to be a partner by the time you’re in your early thirties. Or you want to work abroad. Or maybe you see yourself as the client lead on a large project. It’s up to you to spot the opportunities. But whatever direction you take, you’ll get encouragement and support.

We can take you around the world

KPMG’s business is global. That’s why it’s so important for us to support each member of our team to reach their full potential, helping them develop and broaden their global mindset through international career opportunities. Our bright, talented people play a vital role in helping organisations across the globe succeed in today’s complex world. To meet the needs of our clients, we encourage our people to explore global career opportunities to expand their horizons and develop their own capabilities by applying their expertise in a different business and cultural environment. Whether it’s a short or long term assignment, or international relocation, KPMG offers a variety of global career opportunities.

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It’s a great place to work

Talk to our people and they’ll tell you why KPMG is such an enjoyable and satisfying place to work. They’ll tell you about the opportunities they’ve had, about our commitment to our people and values, and about our diversity and flexible working arrangements. It all adds up to an environment people are proud to work in. And you will be too.

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