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Business School

At KPMG, we invest substantial resources in the professional and personal development of our people to help them feel challenged and inspired.

Our vision for learning at KPMG is that our people will receive the development they need, when they need it, how they want it.

The investment in employee learning and development through our Business School has received external recognition from the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, the Irish Institute of Training & Development and Gradireland.

Exam Success

The success of our training investment can be seen in our performance in the professional exams.See more...

6/10 of the national placings in the Chartered Accountants Ireland final exams (FAEs) including first place.

3/6 of the national placings in the Irish Taxation Institute final exams (Part 3) including first place.

  • 96% pass rate in the CAP1 accountancy exams
  • 96% pass rate in the CAP2 accountancy exams
  • 90% pass rate in the FAE accountancy exams
  • 94% pass rate in the Part 3 tax exams

Graduate Development Programme:

The Graduate Development Programme involves delivering quality content with integrated work experience. The practical nature of our training and the blended learning approach is key to the successful development of our trainees.See more...

What you can expect as an Audit or Advisory Trainee:

      • A unique 10 week training programme which combines up to six weeks of classroom learning, where you will receive technical, professional and leadership skills training, with four weeks of integrated on-the-job training
      • A range of technology based learning options to supplement your classroom training
      • Comprehensive accounting skills training
      • Professional development modules to prepare you for working with clients
      • Workshop sessions to supplement the main classroom programme

What you can expect as a Tax Trainee:

      • A four week block of structured training, which includes introductory tax technical training, accounting basics, leadership, business and IT skills
      • There is a strong emphasis on professional development, particularly on areas such as report writing skills, presentation skills, time management, personal effectiveness and professional client service
      • Part of the programme involves two practical tax research projects which gives our trainees the opportunity to learn from others by collaborating with senior colleagues
      • Comprehensive accounting skills training

Technical training

On joining the Audit or Advisory function you will attend a structured training programme, including classroom training which covers all aspects of accounting, financial reporting, business processes and role specific skills along with on-site training offering structured work-experience. This programme provides graduates with briefings from business leaders and partners on how businesses operate and the challenges that industries are currently facing. The technical training is complemented by a well structured on-the-job development programme throughout your career in Audit and Advisory, ensuring both knowledge and skills are being developed to a high standard.See more...

On joining the Tax function, the emphasis is on one-to-one coaching with experienced tax professionals initially focusing on compliance training with classroom modules spanning your first six months.

In your second and third year, your development programme will focus on classroom training and practical research projects supporting your development in the analysis of case law as a tax professional. The development of research skills is supported by partners and directors coaching individuals and small project teams.

We recognise that upon joining us one of your main objectives will be to achieve your first professional qualification. To help ensure you excel in your professional exams, we have in place an extensive exam support programme and a dedicated team who liaise with the various professional institutes to manage all of your needs.

Our programmes include study skills, subject-specific revision classes and exam-preparation tutorials. These programmes are presented by senior staff who share their knowledge and experience.

Leadership Skills and Business Skills

Leadership Skills

Our leadership skills programme includes all aspects of leading people, self-management and professional skills such as writing, presenting and the IT skills you need to be effective. In your first year, you can expect to attend workshops on Client Services, Business Communications and Presenting for Success, to name just a few. Our IT training programme will cover the skills you will need to be successful.See more...

The leadership programme will provide you with the means to understand yourself as a potential business leader of tomorrow, providing you with opportunities to develop and apply the skills you need for your role and broaden your perspective.

Business Skills

Our business training includes industry-specific training through to relationship building skills. We will provide you with the necessary expertise for understanding the various markets we excel in and for attracting, building and growing current and future client relationships. You will receive specific training to ensure you understand the business models and the challenges our clients face in their particular industry.